Creative Writing (Novels and Screenplays)


Sample Story Concept

DC Comics

- Based on existing characters and world

- Format: Graphic novel




In pursuit of the most famous gems on Earth: a heist story in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven, with hints of The Bling Ring.


When Amaya discovers that the most famous gems on Earth were stolen on her birthday, she goes on a quest to find other exiled Nilaa teenagers, and assemble the perfect team to retrieve the precious stones from the dark powers at play.


Friendship, origins, right and wrong, trust and betrayal.


Amaya Winston is a curious, passionate, and fearless teenager. Growing up with her single mother, Graciel, she loved hearing stories of Nilaa, the planet they escaped from when she was an infant. Amaya has spent her life training for the day she could bring peace to Gemworld, and rule over the House of Amethyst.

When news breaks that the biggest gems on Earth have all been stolen on Amaya’s seventeenth birthday, her mother decides to cancel their planned return to Nilaa. Amaya begs her to go anyway, but Graciel refuses, revealing the whole story: war has been rife on Nilaa, and many other ruling powers have sent their heirs to Earth for safety. Graciel’s sister Mordiel wants to kill Amaya so she can retain full control, and Graciel is convinced that the robbery is a sign that her daughter and the whole of Nilaa are in more serious danger than ever.


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Sample Novel Chapter

Alloy Entertainment (Warner Bros.)

- Based on their original logline: In a near-future, a complex romance ensues between a teen girl and the boy whose job it is to watch her.

A1524: A Love Story

Maybe you’ve heard this story before, but, apparently, there was a time when you had to input a code into a machine if you wanted to talk to someone. Each person’s number was randomly assigned and, if you didn’t have it, there was no other way to contact them. When Sabina was a little girl, Grandpa Harris would tell tales of lost children who couldn’t be reunited with their families, of people who fell in love at first sight but were incapable of finding each other again, and others still who wouldn’t step away from the machine for days at a time, willing it to ring, their sanity slowly drifting away when it didn’t. Society was basically chaos. People felt untethered, powerless. They were afraid all the time. Grandpa Harris also told Sabina about this large and heavy book, which was just an extremely long list of everyone’s personal code that they distributed to each home every year. Sabina never believed that part though. He always took his stories a little too far.

Eventually, they improved technology so people could communicate better and faster, but it was never enough. Everyone wanted to know about everyone and everything all the time, and no invention, not the Internet, not even social media, managed to fill that need. Then the Bubble was created, and they all lived happily ever after.

Going to the art fair was Gibson’s idea. Clearly he’d done his research, good Bubble boys always do. As she watches him walk toward her, Sabina feels a little pang of guilt. She might have gone too far with her cute black dress, high heels, and bright lipstick, but the Bubble kept sending her outfit suggestions, and “friendly reminders” that dressing up for a date is important to make a good impression. She also received a list of conversation topics, Gibson’s likes and dislikes, and general tips on how to make things “fun and enjoyable” based on each of their Bubble history. No wonder divorce rates are so low.

The crowd is growing outside the exhibition center and the constant humming from everyone’s updates is starting to get to Sabina. She hasn’t been around this many people in a while. The chip on her wrist lights up, sending a bright beam up to the sky. Since she’s standing close to a group of other college girls, several of them with long dark hair, Gibson must have tapped on her profile to find her. When that feature was introduced a couple of years ago, anyone who didn’t already love the Bubble was instantly seduced by the ability to locate anyone they know within a split second. The last time Sabina used it was for Charlie, and his light never switched on. She tried for weeks, obsessively, until she discovered that his chip would never turn on again.


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Sample TV pilot

Amazon Studios

- After enjoying my TV pilot, FASHION HIGH, an exexcutive at Amazon Studios invited me to pitch original ideas for their under 12 programming. 

- They picked REWRITING NORA and I then wrote the original half-hour pilot.


Half-hour pilot

Logline: Nora, 12, is an aspiring writer who cannot wait to be done with childhood and enter the exciting grown-up life she dreams of. When she discovers that her future self has become a successful author telling stories of her childhood, Nora tries everything in her power to change her life trajectory.



NORA, 12, stands in front of a lectern made out of a pile of books. A plastic sunflower serves as a microphone. Nora wears a pantsuit, grown-up glasses, and a strict bun.

She takes a deep breath.


Thank you all for coming today.

She glances at the large purple notebook on the lectern. The cover reads: The Adventures of Zadie by Nora Mae Ballinger.


I started working on this book when

I was just twelve years-old and...


Attention everybody!


I’m so pleased to finally share it

with you.

Nora opens the notebook. She’s about to start reading when -


We are looking for a pair of red

pumps. Last seen yesterday at

approximately nine twenty-five PM.

Nora takes a guilty peek at the too-big red shoes on her feet but continues anyway.


“She had made it. Zadie had finally

arrived in the big bright city.”


This is not a drill.

Nora winces as she hears fast approaching FOOTSTEPS.


I’m sorry. We seem to be having a

technical problem.

Nora trips on the shoes as she hurries through the crowd.

Let’s take a look at Nora’s audience. In neatly arranged rows, we have: a globe, a vintage encyclopedia, a vase of flowers, a clock, a straw hat, CLEO, the family’s tuxedo cat, and other trinkets solemnly gathered for the occasion.


Nora pokes her head out: all clear. She makes her way through the cozy suburban home.


I repeat: this is not a drill.

The shoes slow Nora down and she comes face to face with her mom, MAGGIE, 40, who is dressed the same as Nora.


You know the saying about walking a

mile in someone else’s shoes?



Maggie holds her hand out. Nora surrenders the shoes.


You’re not really going to school

like this?


You’re going to work like this.

Maggie waits for Nora to give in. Nora reluctantly takes her jacket and glasses off and loosens her hair.


Now I look so... ordinary.

Maggie turns around. Nora puts the jacket back on.


Nora leaves for school and bumps into her neighbor JIMMY, 12, heading in the same direction. Jimmy takes in her outfit.


Where are you going?


Where we all have to go every day

for years and years and years.

Until they set us free.


So... looking forward to the



Yes! I have so much work to do.


Like, homework?


On my novel. Serious writers have

to write every day. You know, to

keep the creative juices flowing.

Jimmy doesn’t know.


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