Hello and welcome!

I’m a novelist, non-fiction author, and freelance writer.

I also write TV pilots, essays, Instagram captions, satire pieces, grocery lists, and imaginary Oscar acceptance speeches. I even wrote the words you’re reading right now. And the ones after. I’m unstoppable.

I do all of this in English and in French, mostly because I can, but also because "impossible" is the same word in both languages. J’écris en français et en anglais parce que je le peux, mais aussi parce que “impossible” se dit pareil dans les deux langues. See, I just did it.

More seriously, I just love words. All the words. In all the languages. Especially the funny-looking ones like "discombobulate," "albeit," or "pamplemousse" (which is French for grapefruit). I like playing with them, learning them, mashing them up, showing them who's boss, and putting them together all nice and pretty. Or all rough and edgy, depending on the mood.

Born and raised in France, I’ve spent the last 16 years living around the world, first in Amsterdam, then in Melbourne, and I’ve now been in New York City since 2011 where I live with my Australian husband and our American cat. I have permanent work permits on three continents (including a green card), which will come really handy the day I learn teleportation (it could happen, you don’t know).

If you’d like to learn more about what I do, here are the highlights.