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Personal blog

I started writing my personal blog in 2006, covering topics such as fashion, beauty, travels, and more generally my life living around the world. This is how I got my first book contract with Fleurus Éditions in 2009, writing a guide to fashion for teenage girls. 



In 2009, I blogged about my experience with personal training for Melbourne-based company JuggernautPT.

"My 10 favourite excuses, and why I can't use them with my personal trainer:
  1. This exercise looks too difficult, I'll just skip it. Your trainer knows your fitness level and your goals, so when he asks you to do a challenging excercise, he's not doing it just for kicks. It's all part of a plan.
  2. I can't be bothered going tonight. You're paying your trainer with your hard-earned cash and he's expecting you. You may think it's ok to cancel on yourself, but you're not going to cancel on your trainer at the last minute.
  3. I'll go tomorrow instead. And what will your excuse be tomorrow?
  4. I can't... You can't say "I can't". If you do, you've just earned yourself five grunts. And if you "can't" do grunts, well that's another five. Off you go.
  5. I'm always so self-conscious at the gym with all these fit people around me. With a personal trainer, the fittest person in the room is on your side, working at making you one of the fit people."
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Violet's diary

I wrote the accompanying blog to my popular YA novel series, Journal de Los Angeles for four years. I wrote from the perspective of the main character, Violet Fontaine, describing her life in Los Angeles. 

In French only.